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Caregiver Counseling

Connecting you with the right care in the right place

Navigating through the many respite options available to caregivers can sometimes be a difficult task. Each one offers a different level and type of service and it’s not always easy trying to figure out which option is the best one for you and your loved one.

A Respite Advisor can help.

Who are Respite Advisors?

Respite Advisors are health care professionals with extensive knowledge of the health care system and specialized expertise in respite care. They have an in depth understanding of the stresses, challenges and anxieties faced by individuals who are caring for the complex needs of loved ones at home, and can help connect you with services that will help relieve your caregiver load and stress.

What does a Respite Advisor do?

The Respite Advisor works on behalf of the Caregiver Respite Program to connect you with the respite options available in your community.

  • Reviews your needs and the respite options available to help determine which option will best meet your needs
  • Answers any questions you might have about respite programs and services
  • Helps you access the full range of personal support available for health and wellness by providing you with quick and easy access to a resource who can advise next steps Links you with other community resources
  • Facilitates learnings between caregivers and respite service providers to help inform and improve service delivery

To speak with a Respite Advisor, please phone 905-281-4443, by email at respiteadvisor@centralregistry.ca or click on ‘Contact’ in the top navigation bar.


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